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Flight 002

Wow, so. In the last month we had evil corridors -- never been so glad to not be able to move real well, let me tell you; first time there's been an upside to being a cripple -- and a mutiny and now we've got little girls talking about putting guys out airlocks.

[he palms his face, sitting back in the cockpit where happily hides from and ignores most people, down here in the shuttle bay]

So -- just as a voice for sanity?

This isn't a military vessel, and even if it wasn't, even on an Alliance military vessel? We don't even space rapists and murderers, let alone lone mutineers. Just sayin'.

Also, last I checked, that Megamind guy was the only engineer on the roster that hadn't been eaten by the grav-couches, which means the little shit might still be useful to us, since the only other one is Resnik. Which sucks, because one of those engineers that's gone was Tali, and she was pretty hot stuff back home, and we could seriously have used her here, man.

Speaking of Resnik, has anyone heard a peep out of our illustrious leaders? Not the ones who are totally trying to organize our lame asses, which is cool and all [hint; his tone indicates this is not cool and he places no faith in you guys, at all-- but thenm Joker always sounds like that, even when he's talking to Shepard], but I mean the ones who actually were here first? Or were those bodies in that mystery room their bodies? That'd be important to know. Anybody give 'em a call, saunter down to the bridge, maybe ask 'em for a cup of sugar? Anything? Nobody?
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Those bodies...?

That wouldn't make any damn sense. There wasn't enough time for them to decompose down to their skeletal form like that. It would have taken much longer than the few weeks since we last talked to what you call our "illustrious leaders" for that to be possible.

But I haven't heard either of them speak up in awhile.
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[Don't mind Rey -- she's just going to... blink slowly.]


No, I suppose that it wouldn't, after all that.