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[Wanda feels like everyone she's met here in her short tenure on this planet so far -- about four months -- has gone missing (maybe sent back home? who knows?) within days or weeks. It's getting kind of hard to not take it personally. Coupled with her recent experience in which she came back here after experiencing a very personal loss back home, it's putting her that much more on edge.]

Has anyone seen Steve Rogers recently? He wears a lot of red, white, and blue.

[There are also two or three other people she's noticed haven't been around the past couple of days, but she only asks about Steve. That's all she has the energy for. Plus, Steve would probably ask about her if she went missing like this; she should do it for him, too.

That's it, that's the text.]
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[ tony had been so caught up in looking for bucky and keeping an eye on wanda that... steve had somehow fallen by the wayside. he feels terrible. how long has he been gone? ]

Time for another search party.