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Muscovy Maglorion Prochainezo | bb!Russia ([personal profile] muscovy) wrote in [community profile] ataraxion 2016-02-23 10:18 pm (UTC)

[Nod] They need a place to sit outside when it rains really hard so the leaves aren't enough to hold it off. [So rainy days won't them fly around the main house with growing agitation.

Hearing that dissolves a great tension that had built up in Muscovy's chest ever since he'd made the decision that if his adults shared the name and thus officially belonged together, it logically would apply to him, too. Maglor had grown very angry and sad when Muscovy had first said that they needed to make the connection official and only allowed it very reluctantly when Muscovy insisted, wanting the advantages of the official belonging, so what if Firo would react the same-

But he likes that he presents it as his name, so he has to be fine with it, right? More than that maybe, even.]

It is a nice name.

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