hairrands: (Angry - Scowl)
hairrands ([personal profile] hairrands) wrote in [community profile] ataraxion 2016-02-18 02:38 pm (UTC)

You wouldn't get any uglier, [she's about to say, but his apology cuts her short. Damnit, Algidus, you have to stop disarming her like that.

AJ pulls a loose fold of the uncomfortable, nearly carpet-like material down again and tightens her belt across it. At this rate she could use a bandanna and a spectral cowboy hat to complete her look, but all she's worried about is keeping her own backside covered.]

Joke about other people, [she instead demands. This is serious.

like her fashion faux pas trumps his delicate balance between health and death. It's amazing the change a few days can bring around.]

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