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015✖; (text) [un: hotdamn]

[Rey is tired. Too tired to be showing her face to the network after spending so much of her mental energies fighting the fire from burning down her home, as well as other endeavors against the rabid, terrified creatures fleeing the jungle. You know the drill.

[In any case, it caused a very real problem for her: She wasn't able to do her rounds of headcounting this time, as she had so been committed to. It's a bit of a problem, especially since she hasn't had the chance to do her search at the base camp since all the excitement happened.

[That said:]

did we even have any new people show up this jump?

you guys at the base camp better not be dead.
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Not many, but there were new faces.
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I'm still here.

Is Firo with you?

[It's very good to hear from Rey, he was worried, having not heard from her since before the attack started and because of the attacks having been unable to return from the camp to the treehouse.]
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this happens often, then?
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Only one we could find

Rest got lunched or lost probably
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[One of the perks of families is that they don't need to be asked and will offer their opinions whether they're wanted or not.

At least, that's how Firo's learned to family.]

What're the odds of this happening?

[He feels no need to specify that he's talking about double Reys all the way across the sky her name twin.]

Even if neither of yous got a last name did you think about making one?
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i think they were other things to worry about during all that mess