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015✖; (text) [un: hotdamn]

[Rey is tired. Too tired to be showing her face to the network after spending so much of her mental energies fighting the fire from burning down her home, as well as other endeavors against the rabid, terrified creatures fleeing the jungle. You know the drill.

[In any case, it caused a very real problem for her: She wasn't able to do her rounds of headcounting this time, as she had so been committed to. It's a bit of a problem, especially since she hasn't had the chance to do her search at the base camp since all the excitement happened.

[That said:]

did we even have any new people show up this jump?

you guys at the base camp better not be dead.
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[He reaches out to run his fingers quickly but deftly over whatever of her arms and torso she will let him touch. Yes, she has a lot of older scars - not surprising, if she was a fighter of some kind for most of her life, which he's always figured that she was and which was confirmed by what little she's told him - and he takes note of them, but mostly he is concerned with anything new, be it what he can see on the surface or not.]
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[He sits back on his heels eventually and nods.

Good Rey. Next time he'll trust her on this (no matter if it is justified then or not).]

What did you do to get them?
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[He nods, that makes sense.]

It is good that that you can control fire.

But it is safe now, yes?

[Rey would know if there'd still be fire around, right?]
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You would be here and fight it, yes?

[At least that was his impression of how she dealt with this, and how she would deal with fire in general.]
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...I started to try and do what you do with the letting things fly. [It's just not quite working yet. But maybe if he can do it well enough, he'll be able to use it on fire too?]
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I can't do what you can do yet.

[Which is disappointing.]

But you can show me, yes?
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I will be.

[He promises. Whatever being careful means in this case.]