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Malarkey ([personal profile] corpse_soldier) wrote in [community profile] ataraxion2016-02-05 02:07 pm

[text] - UN: Etrepa- **Judgement Required**

Attention, citizens.

The suspected criminal has been captured and detained, with the assistance of Citizen Hawke, and Citizen Rogers. She is being held under a charge of larceny.

I am keeping armed guard over the suspect, but am presently refraining from taking any punitive action. My own capabilities suggest the guilt of the suspect, however - understanding there is no clearly established legitimate political authority - I turn to the camp-citizenry for the question of how best to practice justice.

We therefore require corroboration from others capable of the necessary interrogation techniques, to discern the truth of the matter. With no material evidence, the contents of the suspect's mind - her thoughts and memories - are the only conclusive source of proof. Luckily, I believe we have several citizens capable of such an inquiry.

There is also the larger question of standards of conduct, rule of law and expectations of propriety which are not well established. This is as good a time as any to seek consensus on the matter.

May Justice and its flower, Peace, be well served.

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