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Kate Bishop ([personal profile] alsohawkeye) wrote in [community profile] ataraxion2016-01-31 08:43 pm
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crickets?? | ota | un: hawkeye

Okay, so there are definitely aliens here. (Or I guess we're the aliens, technically.) It'd be good to try to compile what we know so far in one place, so here are a couple questions:
1. What are we calling them? I've heard crickets, I've heard grasshoppers, and a bunch of other stuff that seems even less polite. Can we agreee on one? Any other ideas?

2. I haven't run into any that seem chatty yet but I hear they talk in colors???

3. Do we have any idea how the people they took were chosen/singled out? Did you/they all go to a specific place or distance or do something to draw their attention? Anything in common? Looking for patterns never really worked on the ship but we could try.

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