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002 ● ( un:mechanic )

So this is probably a really stupid question
What do dogs eat?
I mean
I know what they eat normally
it's just
our predicament
& limited resources.

Mammalia aren't exactly my area of expertise.

PS- I got a light to turn on.
[ aka phase one of the grid: complete. ]
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Scraps, mostly. There are parts of alien geckos I don't want to eat but my dog doesn't seem to mind.

You asked me a while ago where I got this handle and I never replied. It's a long and overly complicated story but basically a friend and I agreed to share it.
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His initials are CFB. He's not that bad at sharing. Everything else, yes. Sharing, eh.

Someone's dog had puppies on the ship. I ended up inheriting one.
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This is so far from as crazy as it gets.
Who left you the dog?

Is this Stark?
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He didn't leave a name on the note?

Depends, which Christian Bale are we talking about?
Batman Christian Bale? Machinist Christian Bale? American Hustle? Throwing phones at people or whatever he did that one time?
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Oh, Ned. He seemed nice, and his pies were good.
Fruit, so I think we can be pretty sure there was no Sweeney Todd happening.
I don't know why he'd leave his dog to you, though. It's a golden, right?

Well now that you've called me #2 you're getting Bruce Wayne minus Batman.
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You don't know what a golden retriever looks like? I thought you were a genius.

[ ah. another not-her clint ]

I don't think I exist in your world. Not as Hawkeye, anyway.

Bruce Wayne is pretty inherently mediocre at best. And he's got the vapid billionaire party boy thing down pretty cold, I'd say.
I don't know, I'm thinking of investing in a super gruff voice scrambler for my gear. It'll really throw bad guys off.
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There's room for the complete filmography of Christian Bale but not one of the most commonly recognizable species of dogs? You need to learn to prioritize.

And because I've talked to a dozen Clints and Natashas and Steves and yous who have no idea who I am. I mean I probably exist in some form but not like this specific me.