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Roy Mustang ([personal profile] weaponsgrade) wrote in [community profile] ataraxion2015-12-25 03:02 pm
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text [un: mustang]

Anyone out there have a lighter or something? Flint? I could use anything that creates a reliable spark. Matches, even. My scavenging efforts are apparently subpar when it comes to finding things I could actually use. On the other hand I've found a superfluous amount of spoons and broken screws so if anyone needs those I'm your man. [Look, not everyone can be a hoarding genius, okay?]

I've seen a couple of nice-so-great looking animals a little too close to camp for comfort. Open sores, mangy, probably not a good sign. I know some of you hunt. I would definitely steer clear of those. If you kill one, it might be more prudent to burn the corpse than butcher it.

That I can do. Without setting the whole damn jungle on fire.

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