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Wanda Maximoff ✦ ❝Scarlet Witch❞ ([personal profile] divaricate) wrote in [community profile] ataraxion2015-12-03 11:14 pm
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Hi. My name is Wanda Maximoff, and I have been here ... almost a month, I think. Several people who have been here longer than I have, have been kind enough to share with me what they know of this place, and believe me – I am grateful. So, thank you, again, to everyone.

Anyway, as it is, I hate feeling powerless – my abilities are not what they were back home – and being stuck on what is an alien planet, so in an attempt to feel like I am better prepared for certain things, would anyone please be willing to train me in more hand to hand combat and be a sparring partner? I know I am out of practice with using what I do know without the addition of my stronger abilities back on my home planet. In exchange for your time and efforts, I can help you out with any of your own tasks that you might need or want help with.

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