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VOICE | username: hughes | after the network returns!

 [So. We found a body. Not pretty. 

Hughes would rather not cause a panic, but these people are exceedingly good at handling bad news. Besides, enough people were there, so it's not like it's all top secret. Still, best get to it while the getting's good. Because someone out there might also have some information that may be of use.]

I hate to use the new system for anything other than stupid emoticons, but — right to business.

There was a murder in the camp. His name was Radek Mendoza, one of the original Tranquility crew members. From what I can see, he was violently stabbed to death; his face was somewhat mutilated, but his fellow crew was able to identify him for me. From what it looks like, he had come back into the winds and was possibly attempting to retrieve supplies, maybe wanted to find a different place to seek cover. Whatever the case, his crew members hadn't seen him since before the winds began.

There were also masks. Two masks around the area. But other than that...

... It's still a process, putting some pieces together, but I or someone involved in keeping records will update you if anything big happens. Until then, we could use anyone who has some experience, should they want to offer; the body hasn't been examined in detail yet. Maybe it's a fool's game considering we're not exactly a investigations bureau and our supplies are limited, but I figure we might as well be thorough about it, in case it becomes a problem later on...

Which I hope it doesn't.

Examiners, forensic aid, anyone handy with tech — anything could be useful in getting the fine details.

[He's not going to say it, but it's possible someone in the camp could have murdered him. After all, those masks? Those gale winds? 

Caused a lot of mental stress. 

... Or it can be...] 

I don't know if I even need to say it, but we're not alone on this planet. I'm guessing you guys got the hints?

That's probably something we should also address. The elephant in the room, right? And here we thought we were having enough fun with the environmental difficulties alone.

[That is concerning. To say the least. 

OOC: Anyone who was at the scene on the 1st,
head on over here and let us know what your contribution would be, if you think your character would have been there on day one! If you'd like to poke in here to get an idea of where your person could go, you're more than welcome! Also questions are great, but I'm also still awaiting potential mod answers on questions Hughes will be asking, so apologies if I'm a bit slow on the responses! Basically this is just for some discussion to bloom about either the murder or the idea that they're not alone on the planet, so feel free to threadjack and have at it.]

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