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[There is a blue man in dramatic lighting. Bedecked as befits a comic book villain. A heavy mantle defines his shoulders, spikes all across it, an arching collar framing his slender neck and large head. A body suit, where the start of his trademark blue lightning bolt starts it's path down across his body.]

[He sits somewhere, in what appears to be some sort of strange mess of wires, panels and montors, all ablink with light and readings.]


I an Megamind, and-- I am now in control of the ship.

[A gesture, and the power flickers for a moment.]

You have thirty minutes to surrender, or I will handle any further insurrection with harm to my hostages, Dr. Jane Foster and Miss Roxanen Ritchi. Where are they, you've been wondering. Hard at work? Lost to the warp?

No, no no. They've been in my tender care. [Obligatory, rolling villainous chuckle; confident in his smugness.] All this time.

You are to head straight to the med bay and engage your grav couches. Any resistance will be met with force. I have measures in place to protect myself -- do not test my patience, captives!

I am doing you all a favor. I'm not pretending to be your friend while assembling a team of close operatives to insinuate into key positions like the good Captain Kirk is while suggesting that we let someone feed on you, nor am I silent like Ward and Resnik in the depths of the ship. I'm giving you what the captain must: Someone to hate, while he does something no one else would:


No, go to the med bay! It's the only clear path you'll have. Any other places will be met with resistance... And I don't want to have to start destroying important facilities to cow you into submission, either.

But I will.

[He rises, flourishes.]

Thirty minutes. Grav couches. Don't squander it.

circumitus: This is drunk and confused... (this is worse than naked and afraid)

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Then you will have to use force.
circumitus: She literally cut my boxers off with a 8" chef's knife and had her way with me. (tomorrow never knows)

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And I'm prepared not to care.
circumitus: got messy. (i did a shot of seamonkeys)

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You can't make me go back to those even if you tried. But the feeling of sheer boredom is absolutely mutual.