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3) would you like a pet
4) good for you :|b stay strong
5) was it cos you already had taken your job in communcations
5a) dyou consider yoruself a good communicator by the way i think you are
just an initial impression but your massive date response leads me to believe yes
6) ill ahve Support make a note but all these devicer thingers have got cameras in them you know
so really were all photographers
comm + photographer
SEC + photographer
Support + photographer
8a) it is a meatphor actually well spotted
9) well answered
9b) n/a but its not magic so dont give that lazy answer
10) arm wrestling & karts & pizza its not that bad honestly
13) it hasnt & it isnt but it does eat vegetables so the gardnes really better watch themselves
15) yes you are allowed to arm wrestle someone with tiny arms
16) well theres no money in space first off. but i like the bit where we infiltrate that sounds very daring. i dunno that its possible though our infiltration is likely to be fairly obvious cos were aapparently leaving a trail of destruction in our wake. maybe ? not sure. this could be a lie. anyways so theyd see us coming a mile off & also weve not really got that great of control w/r/t choosing to land this ship. best bet is shuttles. maybe shuttles outfitted w arms
17) its a concern but no need to file a report just
stay vigilent
20) pickled liver sounds uncomfortable
21) just your room then ?

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