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text | 05. for those of us who have not joined a department

This is Mystique.

Some of you may recognize me from the Jump star-mapping and timekeeping projects, where I collaborated with passengers from the Science Department and Flight Deck. Some more details on those works are here and here, but we've been keeping the latest updates on those figures in other storage because of the network presence of hostile entities.

I've never joined a department. I know I'm not alone. There are more possible reasons why a passenger may have made this decision, even if that decision is only to wait. In the majority of cases, we are interested in sustaining life on this ship, and we all know that this is becoming more crucial with every passing Jump. Many of us coordinate with departments as it is.

I'm offering and requesting help with making this happen more often and more efficiently.


  • Potential volunteers: let me know what skills you have and what/kind of projects you'd be interested in working on.
  • Department heads: please let me know if you are willing to accept formal volunteers. If you want to specify a representative for contact and training from your department, do.
  • Roster of volunteers is now here.
  • Resident software experts: I've started to hammer together some basic software to make tracking easier, but I may need a tech assist too. I'm trying to keep it separate from the native nanite programming, and I doubt integration is possible, but a scheduler could be great.
PROPOSED PROJECT MANAGEMENT (pending departmental cooperation)

  • Flight Deck: complete construction of combat spacecraft and other equipment
  • Gunnery: complete construction/repairs of weaponry
  • General: maintenance, repairs, general assistance
  • Updates pending department input
My assumption is that volunteers will require supervision, training, and assistance with access to department-specific equipment, and work schedules will need to be determined. Serious disagreements should be resolved with someone getting fired; silly ones, I suspect we don't have time for.

If there is enough interest to proceed, I will make the information available in a few weeks.

OOC: I'm comfy handwaving some of the actual on-the-ground activity, but definitely down for RPing through it too if you want! If anything, I reckon it's a good CR-building opportunity and gives our characters more IC resources (and skills) to play with.

Also don't tell me you don't wanna be able to fly a fighter craft around come on come on let's do it
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we don't have a head

but we could always use more people in agricultural.
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[There's a lengthy delay before the reply comes. Sorry Mystique - it was a pretty good effort, and she's trying hard, but everything's pretty raw.]

we haven't come to any kind of official arrangement

the systems are all running as usual, so everybody seems to be doing what they're supposed to. we've got good people.
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thanks. don't know how much of a list it'll be, there are like three kids here who aren't already geniuses. which is good, i guess.

it's probably worth having one anyway. there was this one little girl, Newt? I asked who looks after her here and she didn't have an answer. the adults here want to keep themselves apart it's their business, but with the kids we should at least be able to keep an eye out.

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Shit. Ned?

[ say it ain't so heather :c ]
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this jump. lodewijk too.

[heather he... probably doesn't care about the rabbit...]
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Ah, fuck. I'm sorry. You need anything, you let me know. You know where to find me?
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thanks. gunnery, right? you'll probably see me around. kinda feel the need to shoot something.

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You've got the construction project down, but it's worth noting the shuttles aren't nanite coded. We need as many pilots in an emergency situation as possible. We only have five in the department now, six if I get Gavvers up to speed in time.
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There aren't a lot of departments that have equipment that works like that any more.

As far as I'm concerned as many people as possible should get to learn. Practical reasons and just... who doesn't want to learn to fly a spaceship?
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We should also try to get engineering in on this project and on gunnery's repairs too. Keeping the ship running may be less important at this point than getting its defenses up.

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Well, we need enough people keeping life support on. But some of the rest, they can probably spare someone.
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We always need more bodies. You send someone my way, I'll talk to them, see if we can find a place for them.
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Armoury can't be accessed without Gunnery nanites, but the guns inside it are operational without them.
Everything else needs nanites to get into. Turrets, cannons, battle stations, sensors, you name it, you need Gunnery nanites to get into it.
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I'll have to talk to my crew. Gimme some time. I'll check the blue prints, see if that's even something we can get into without compromising anything.

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Needless to say, Medical is ever in need of volunteers, both those experienced in healing arts of any sort and those simply willing to offer their labor.
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Excellent. I will look forward to meeting them.