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Video-backdated to yesterday

[The video camera settles on Galadriel, in Medbay, rather than her usual broadcast location of the Oxygen Gardens. It’s an oddly sterile, modern looking background for her, but somehow, it works; she seems confident and utterly at ease. She greets the camera with an official little nod and begins to speak.]
Many of you know me already. For those of you who do not, I am the Lady Galadriel and today I speak on behalf of the Medical Department.

I am certain that recent trend of headaches and related symptoms have been missed by no one. The medical staff have wasted no time in doing research on these symptoms and we have come to some conclusions, both as to the cause of these ailments and how they might be healed.

It appears- [For the first time, she seems mildly uncomfortable, as if the world of MRIs and CT scans is still something slightly alien to her. At least William is behind the camera if she gets a question she absolutely can’t answer.] - it appears as though the head pains are caused by small injuries to the brain, which increase seemingly without reason. We have found nothing effective in preventing this, save one thing- physical contact with another. With this, the injuries cease and healing may begin.

I need not say, I assume, that ignoring such symptoms is foolhardy beyond reason and may even be fatal. I urge you all to take care and invite you to ask whatever questions you may have. I will answer them to the best of my abilities.

[ooc: Anyone who wants their character to go into a coma feel free to miss this announcement due to network glitches or be trapped away from others with the elevators and navigation glitching starting May 28th, etc, etc.]

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