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[the video shows a teenage girl, all blonde hair and blue eyes and petite features. small, white-feathered wings stick out from her back, rigid. she's uncomfortable. her head hurts, her nose has just stopped bleeding. she hasn't been sleeping. the familiarity of these symptoms has prompted her to make this post. she keeps her expression calm, collected. she feels anything but: grumpy, worried, exhausted. but she hopes that the way she looks will make her words easier to comprehend and less alarming.]

These kinds of nosebleeds and headaches have happened to us on the ship before. It was a long time ago. Over a year I think. They stopped on their own last time so hopefully they will this time too.

[there's a brief pause before she types the rest of the message. she wants to warn them about the memory connection that happened last time, but she doesn't want to start any unnecessary panic. she decides to forego it for now, biting her lip.]

If you get blood on your clothes saltwater can help get the stains out.

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