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001. video.

[ hello tranquility, it’s thomas on your screen. he’s sitting on what looks like the floor, his back up against the bed. there’s faint sounds of movement, someone shoving things around, but thomas doesn’t seem to be paying much attention to it. ]

I had some--we have some questions. No one has to answer on here, but I thought it’d be fastest if I just..asked. [ he looks up, over the camera at the other occupants of the room, maybe for prompting, or for permission, before he keeps speaking. ] I wanted to ask about two jumps back, the jump where people weren’t waking up. I didn’t wake up. [ there’s a pause, thomas rubbing his fingers along the edge of the lens restlessly as he picks his words. ] I had some other questions too. About the jump. How it works, when get in the pods in the first place, if anyone knows anything about it.

[ thomas leaves the statement hanging for a minute before taking a breath and plowing on. before he can get anything out, he’s interrupted when an off-screen voice finally speaks up, a little muffled by the distance.]

And what the shuck is up with that blue klunk? Why we gotta wake up standing?

[ (you can almost hear newt rolling his eyes from where he’s not visible--his very distinct voice pops up in the background. ] No one’s gonna know that, Min. [ the questions minho's asking aren’t important, more grievances than anything. minho isn’t enjoying his first months. when thomas gives him A Look he sighs but stays quiet.

thomas is obviously trying to show some restraint, not rush out every word, but the next bit comes out in a rush in spite of his best efforts. he's clearly decided to plow onwards before he can be interrupted again. ]

And I need to know if W.I.C.K.E.D. means anything to any of you. If anyone's ever heard of it before.

Don’t forget about the supplies, Tommy. [ newt appears in the frame then, way too close to it before he backs up to sit on the bed next to thomas. he's still a little banged up from his and minho’s adventure with the “grievers” before the jump, and holds up a finger in the feed. ] Back home, even before we knew the name proper, WICKED used to put their name on all of our supplies from the Box. Boxes of food, clothes, stuff for the Glade--all kinds of klunk. If this place really has them involved, they’re gonna have somethin’ like that to show for it, yeah?

If it has them involved. [ tommy says, more to newt and minho than to the audience at large. ] If anyone here has seen anything like that.

[finally the last of the mighty gladers comes into the shot as minho sits down in front of newt on the floor, back resting against his shins.] Or if you’ve got ideas about the people keeping us here. WICKED didn’t make it easy to find out much about them the first time. Could be upping their game, making us think we’re all safe. No reason to label things when we’ve met our Creators.

[ there’s a pause, thomas looking at newt before back into the lens. thomas hasn’t met anyone. not yet. he’s a step behind, but he’s not going to let that deter him. newt meets his gaze with eyebrows raised, saying something without a word, and reaches down to pat the top of minho’s head where they’re sitting. good plan, min. ]

We’re in room 008.009. If you wanna come talk to us in person.

[ thomas finishes, before disconnecting his advice. ]

( ooc: black is thomas, blue is newt, and red is minho )

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