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text | 04. project results

This is Mystique again.

I'm reporting on the results of the Jump clock project. I won't recap the details there.

EXTERNAL MEASURE (passenger-fabricated)
Jump 37: 1,829 hours
Jump 38: 391 hours
Jump 39: 6,578 hours
INTERNAL MEASURES (shipboard systems)
Jump 37: 0 hours
Jump 38: 0 hours
Jump 39: 0 hours

These reports will be ongoing. I strongly advise that the next time anyone debarks, make an effort to estimate the time that's transpired since our stop on Arima.

Analyses and interpretations are welcome. Please be aware that our efforts at external videography failed. Basically, the Jump movement destroyed the equipment. I'll update about the trans-hull cartography project when there's something to update about. A bunch of weird and context-free numbers counts as 'something.'

I would like to commission timekeeping devices not linked to the native system as well, in the time between now and Van Rijn destroying us. Anyone up for it?
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I'd love to get a look at what you're using to draw these measurements. Has anyone been looking at distance? Cartography would be a good place to start, if we can create some three-dimensional star maps and generate our own reference points.
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I have the skills, but I wouldn't say I have the familiarity with the level of technology aboard the ship yet.

It wouldn't take much: I'd need a program that could store scale images in a three dimensional grid.

And, of course, use of whatever radar and shuttles this ship has for short-range exploration to take concrete measurements with. At least, if we want a real map instead of an overglorified star chart.
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I'm familiar with the tech.

[ Hello, nice to meet you. Jk just abrupt interruptions and no introductions, it took him like ten minutes to decide to send this much. ]
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And do you know of any ways to use it to develop something like what I mentioned?
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[ Well. ]

The problem's going to be with the jumps, obviously. Since the ship isn't moving, the fixed points can't be

[ Can't be ??? Except just not finishing a text looks more like not finishing a text than a cue, so a bit later: ]

can we not text?


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Don't be modest: you've already contributed plenty. We know that the jumps last for staggered time intervals now. Hopefully, as they continue, your readings will be able to establish some kind of usable pattern for us to even predict the duration of the next one. If this continues to work, and we combine our resources, down the road, we might even be able to predict our trajectory.

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It might be worth noting that the only abilities I possess that have been tampered with since I arrived on the ship are those that relate to time and space.
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Difficulties I wouldn't experience were I not on this ship, rendering those abilities essentially useless.
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I made attempts, recorded what happened (they are effectively unusable), and have refrained since then for reasons of safety and health. I've not left the ship, nor had the opportunity to do so.

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So, those things do work? That's good to know.

Also, I can maybe use imagery from my helmet as means to aid the cartography? It won't happen during the jumps, but superimposing stuff from between the jumps might help a bit.
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Also, it looks like we jumped pretty far after the mess that the last place seems to have been, so that's also good, right?

And thanks, I'll help in as many ways as I can!
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Can you expound on how your helmet's imaging works more? I'm very interested.
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It might be easier to show than to explain? But basically it's meant to be used in space, and one of the things it can do is record - it actually does that automatically all the time. So I can go out, and fly around the ship, and we can get an actual holo/holo-video of what's around us at that time.

That should help with any cartography efforts right there, right?

[ Which jumps he has actually been outside ... is more complicated though probably all of them when he's been awake. ]
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It should halve the effort involved, so yes. Help would be understating it. It sounds like you should talk with CFO Wash about flying out there. Then we can pull the data from your helmet and project it into a mapping utility. Fitz and I should have something usable worked up in a jump or two.
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Thanks for the info. So far my data is consistent with yours, by which I mean it's just as inconsistent. I think I might know where to look for more help on this, though. I'll let you know.
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Unfortunately I don't. I set my device to go off using some guesses and I either felt the effects, it went off too early, or it hadn't gone off yet. I have no idea how much time actually passed.
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I suppose I could but it's just a timer. I'd have to set it for a very long time and then after the jump see how much time has elapsed since it was set. Though I'm not sure what good it would do. The lengths of each jump seem to be random. I'm trying to figure out if there's a way each one can be anticipated before it happens.