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Aidan Waite ([personal profile] civilwarring) wrote in [community profile] ataraxion2014-03-16 02:06 pm


[The video feed is slightly unsteady and held slightly too close to Aidan's face, but occasional glimpses at the edge of the frame suggest he's in one of the media libraries. And also druuuunk.]

Okay, so a few things, TQ. One: [--he holds up a finger--] This place really needs a better night life. One sad space bar? Come on, we're mostly all creative adults. There's probably some music in here. [Which would explain why he's pawing around in a library.] Maybe if we all stopped feeling sorry for ourselves and lightened up a little, the whole seeing messages on walls and space ghosts wouldn't be such a big deal.

I mean weird is normal here. Like people who can read your mind and monsters on the comm. Isn't there a dinosaur or something in the garden? --Or like people come here and then they disappear and it's not even a big deal because apparently they just go back to where they came from or something? That's a good thing, right? [A beat. Awkward. The video feed is hanging at chin level before he realizes and rights it.]

So apparently we should just roll with it and get on with our lives. And two: [--he doesn't hold up a second finger. Pauses for a long couple of seconds.]

No, I guess that's it.

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