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four. video. (PSA)

[ peter SIGHS on film, comm device set up to show him seated behind a work… desk in an otherwise stripped room, meant to look like it's something no one tries to live in. trying his hardest to look like an awfully grumpy politician or like anything else that just doesn't suit peter (and failing miserably; he looks so begrudgingly distressed it should be comical), nor does his desk fit anything formal. considering it's kind of a mess.

kind of being really. just don’t call his things junk or there’ll be a fight.

So. Far as I can tell, people are here like to recruit the new and old for their departments. Not sure why- [ somewhere in the background there’s a snort and what sounds like a muffled comment of “helping hands”. ] but, hey- i'll fill you in on Engineering because why not. Because it seems like the kind of thing we're just supposed to do. And maybe because somebody told me to...

[ a slow glance over his shoulder before he's back at attention. ] First thing? Right now, the place is hotter than... whatever, you can pick your euphemism, just as long as you make it good. And it's not like the kind of hot you look forward to in the middle of winter. It’s the kind of hot that would kill you if you stepped foot into it. And sometimes I start to wonder if Tony's brain took a hit from it before it got so bad and then I remember... that's just what he's always been like. [ peter thinks he's really damn witty sometimes, don't mind him. ]

[ if the fact that there was noise in the background and the fact that peter looked back didn’t clue you in to the fact that someone else was in the room, the fact that tony, fake eye and all pops up just off to the side of peter and moves the device over does for you. ] Peter here is also less amusing than he thinks he is, but you might need to try and tell him he is. Unless you’re Arya, she can shake her head at him. [ and before peter can maybe hit him excuse tony popping right back out of frame. ]

[ leaving peter to sigh exasperatedly. ] Next? The place is huge - more space than you could dream of. And right now? If you even try to look down it, you'll see something different every time- nothing too appealing. It's not as much of a mess as you might think, but you'll see metal blocking the halls or they'll look infinitely longer than they should. It's not always like that, scouts honor. But later on, if you still get lost in the bowels of the beast, it's on you. I mean, unless you leave a trail of scraps behind you, then maybe we'll come looking. Which leads me to my next point: nobody'll tell you to pick up your shit- [ he holds up a finger ] - Unless I trip on it. And then i'll tell you. And it won't be very nice.

[ off screen once again: ] Meaning, he’ll hit you with it, probably. Been a victim of it, and I’m still nursing the bruise. [ and peter’s still rolling his eyes. ]

We could probably use another creative mind or two.. [ the kind of tone where he's trying awfully hard to sound sincere ] .. just to poke at the things the rest of us don't have time to poke it. It'd be just as much tinkering with your own projects as whatever else you want it to be. Try and save the world through engineering and nobody's gonna stop you. If anything, I might try to lend you a hand... if you're good at it. [ he gives a small shrug, skeptical at best. like he doubts anyone's as good as he and tony already are. ] You wanna talk to me about the place in person? Go for it. I'll even give you a tour when we can actually get through again. If you want one.

But you wanna work here? Prove the place isn't gonna get you killed. [ it’s then that tony pops up, right when peter stops talking and shrugs. ] Or you know, you’re not gonna get the rest of us killed.

[ tony stark is this color! ]

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