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first ghost raised ☠ [ voice ] ☠ forward dated to the nineteenth

[ here's the thing, nico's familiar with this sort of heat, it's not pleasant, especially considering how the ship normally feels, but he can handle it. does that mean he has to like it? nope. ]

Not to call this minor problem to attention, but has anyone noticed that's it's getting warmer? It isn't scorching hot but it's enough that I can tell there's a temperature difference.

[ there's a pause in the feed when nico considers leaving it just at that, because he doesn't really want to bother mentioning the other things, not until he knows more about them, but at the same time it reminds him of things from home and that's— not at all comforting. ]

How many of us have seen flickers of things this month? Not the normal shadows that most of us write off, because when do we not have those on this ship, but— I mean flickers of movement that seem to be going too fast for any of us to actually see what's moving past us. If anything.

[ and if there's a huff of air at the end of that, like nico just realized how insane he sounded, well that's his business. and it prompts him to end up just hanging up, because he's incredibly mature. ]

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