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004 ♗ video

[ The device pops on, the screen showing nothing but the fabric of someone's jumpsuit. Muffled sound of sobbing can be heard for a few moments, followed by sniffling, as the person tries to gain some composure.

After a moment they are fumbling with the device in attempt to flip it up towards their face. The sight of a distressed Ariadne can be seen then - looking more like she has been through the wringer then anything, and it's obvious something is wrong with her. She clutches her favorite silk scarf to her chest, wincing in pain before finally speaking. ]

on the ship. [ Screw the filters and encrypting - she doesn’t care - she is scared as hell. ]

(( ooc: this would be for the FEEDING PLOT. Feel free to have this be action or whatever with Ariadne. Or even a catchall for others to communicate. LETS CAUSE A PANIC GUYS. : ) )


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[Rey doesn't sound shocked. She had feelings that it'd only be a matter of time before something like this started happening. Judging by the other replies she's seeing, she's right. But still, it's Ariadne...]

How bad did it get you?
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No, I haven't...

[She makes a face. None of this really sits well with her.]

You don't know what it was? Not even an idea?
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I wouldn't trust anyone in this place. You need to be more careful from now on.

[Rey, being concerned? Dream on.]