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so when i said i was taking some time off, this really wasn't what i had in mind

[two months.

two months since that jump. two months since he tried to burn his bridges and put some distance between the man he'd become on the ship (because of her) and the person he was meant to be (because of them). two months and a whole new set of numbers and no new memories to explain his absence.

he's done his research, once again. he knows just how long has passed since he last scrambled in to his pod for the jump. he knows that the list of losses has grown. (wichita. cobb. even xavier). that the ship has been playing games with the passengers again. that they once again docked with a space station and he wasn't around for any of it.

what he doesn't know is why he's been pulled back again. why the fuck the ship decided it was worth bothering with him. it's not like it was getting anything out of him. right?]

guess the tq can't get enough of me huh
stark (the annoying one with a hard on for machines) i know you missed me
you can quit crying now

[because there's no way he's giving up a chance like this. oh, and while he's at it-]

scooby doo, where are you?
and maybe scrappy too

[sorry lydia]

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