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[There's a lot of reasons why Taylor sometimes wishes Kirk was still around, and one of the smaller ones would be so it wasn't always her having to put the alert out. Talking to people still isn't exactly her strong suit. But she's head of security, and there's a pretty big security threat going on, so the network gets another video post, complete with SECURITY PING, before there's blurring and jerking views of the corridors and a few of her dogs while Taylor walks and talks.]

Got some kind of fucked up creatures attacking the ship. Humanoid, likely with extra abilities, unknown so far. Seen three groups of them focussing on destroying whatever equipment they can get their hands on. Could be related to the tech trouble we've been having.

[Not that they seemed like they'd been hiding out anywhere, but doors and lifts screwing up because the ship was priming to start whisking people away again while this was going on wasn't something she wanted to entertain.]

Security, I need all of you moving. We want guard details on key areas in case they start going after the shit we really need. Untrained and unarmed civilians are advised to stay in their rooms, do not engage. Run the other fucking way if you have to. The rest of you use extreme caution.

[Because she knows better than to tell some of you trigger-happy folk not to go looking for a fight.]
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[Fortunately, Taylor isn't the only one who lacks people skills. Which is why Rey keeps it concise and to the point:]

understood. will dispatch any hostiles encountered.