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V. ( video )

[ This is a face that hasn't appeared on the network for some time. The video comes on and Charles looks rather... Tired. He's propped the camera part of his desk. He has dark circles around his eyes. He has been fighting when dealing with it. He still looks very well put together, despite the obvious bags under his eyes. His hair is combed, he's clean. He isn't quiet for long once the video is on. He spins a black knight from his chess set in his fingers. ]

Loss - it is a complicated thing, isn't it? I've found myself losing track of time with the loss of sleep. Days keep...blending together.

It's left me plenty of time to think. I truly do miss Raven. I'm certain that she is doing something great back at home, whatever it may be.

[ He knows better than that, and his voice implies he does. It's a lot harder to maintain a mask when you haven't slept. He closes his eyes for a moment, there's something else he almost says, but he snaps his jaw shut. ]

I know it has been awhile since I've been on the network. For those who are newer, and those whom I haven't met - I'm Charles Xavier. I work in the Science Department.

It's been some time since I've made an offer for alcohol and a visit, so -- if anyone would like to stop by, let me know.
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Time always seems to blend together for me. Suppose I haven't noticed it lately.

[Between sleep and her own jumbled memories, it's easy for Rey to lose sight of what is going on in the present. A mere thought of the past can send her back to those moments, reliving every fragment of disorienting detail.]
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Equally difficult to tell when the one lacks a day-night system as well. Unfortunate that there are no days to speak of. Should be used to that by now, but no.