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[here's the thing with han; han doesn't like it when he tells people to do things and then they do the exact opposite. so while padmé IS DOING SOMETHING PADME ISH, han is just staring at her with his arms crossed and an eyebrow raised.]

What? [Compared to her usual, polite countenance it's a lot more direct- flat out impatient, a combination of exhaustion and present circumstances both. The things she's currently concerning herself with, happen to be fiddling with the feed device, and shifting the sleeping young preteen higher up on her hip, into a far more comfortable position. It's clear that despite her asking, she doesn't really care for the answer]

I'm not saying anything. Because if I had said something, then it would mean that it was perfectly normal for you to get lost in a ship.

[Not that he’s being extremely passive aggressive about this at all.]

You didn't have to. You were staring. [She's not even going to address the last part of this, because she's tired enough to stoop to his level in her own way] The way out, Mr. Solo?

Follow me, your Grace.

Don't call me that. [It's automatic. She’s gotten used to correcting him- And she's fast approaching the point she feels she should just start ignoring him. She will however, follow after him and direct her attention to the feed, you know- the whole reason she turned it on] Cat wandered into the ship, and- we got a little lost. My- [A pause, and she side eyes Han. Flatly] friend here, is going to get us to the main part of the ship. Whoever is responsible for her- If you would meet us there, I would be happy to return her to you.

Seriously, come pick up your kid.

Shut up! [A small, tired voice enters the picture, raising her head briefly off of Padmé's shoulder to address them both, before lowering it again, hand curled stubbornly around the woman's braid. A small trickle of blood appears over the curve of Arya's ear]

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