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carolιne ғorвeѕ ([personal profile] coy) wrote in [community profile] ataraxion2013-09-02 07:41 pm


[ caroline's sitting in her room surrounded by her loot which is mostly clothes with some jewelry and other knick knacks including a good selection of booze. she and tyler made off like bandits.] That place was better than a mall even if I guess this technically makes me a space pirate or something. [ however, that's the not the worst thing to be called, after all.] Too bad the ship kinda had a freaky meltdown there towards the end.

[ she pauses, pushing the pile of folded clothes off her lap onto the bed.] Is everyone okay? I mean, no one got trapped over there, right? [ she's mostly talking to you, people she loves and even the new people she's met.]

I know people have kind of said that bad things happening is almost cliche around here but seriously? Was that normal? Do I even want to know whatever bad stuff has happened before this?

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