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[Taylor's walking while she talks, which means voice might have been a better choice for getting this message out without the jerk and bump of the current camera work, but she hadn't stopped to think about it past hitting a button. She's got more important things on her mind right now, like the space station they're apparently now docked to.]

Not gonna tell any of you not to go over there. [It'd fall on deaf ears, plus-] If they've got supplies, we need them. But you stay sharp, go armed if you can, don't go alone. Like Fry said, we do not need a repeat of Strela.

[Though she is really hoping the brainwashing thing was a one time deal.]

SEC, I'm heading out and I want half of you with me. Half stay. Don't trust this place not to try pulling some fucked up while we're looking the other way.

[Always ending her posts on the most cheerful note.]
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On my way to investigate the premises. Will notify if anything goes south.