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If wishes were horses, you'd all believe me when I said this was a 'hypothetical' scenario and I wouldn't need to post this anonymously.

From a young age, I was raised to be used in war. Knowingly or otherwise, I was trained to be the right sort of soldier; eager to fight, to support a just cause, and, if needs be, to die for that cause.

I did all of that and my war is over.

But now, I'm here, and at a loss for what to do with myself. I can fill my hours well enough, but that's all it is - passing the time.

I know that many of you are warriors in your homelands and I'd like to know how you've adapted to this place or to any time when you're not being used to fight.

Thank you.
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been here a long time. fought wars even longer.
truth is, i haven't adapted. i don't believe i ever will.
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apologies if that is not the answer you wanted. it is only my experience and the experience of others that i have learned from. but there is truth to the saying, you can never go home again.
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good to take off the rose-colored glasses while you're ahead.

i suppose you were a child soldier then?
[Based on what she's seen from stalking reading other conversations.]
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tend to go hand in hand.

known child soldiers before. would just make adapting to any situation more difficult when you are raised into that life from an early age.
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yes, but after they become adults? less likely to be the case.
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possibly. though quite a few who are raised into that life are not as gifted to brim with possibilities. old habits die hard.
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care to elaborate?
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makes sense, in a way.
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and yet here you are, at your loss. not so easy to adapt for a child is it?
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then i suggest you find a hobby of sorts.