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[ The scene: Space Babylon, a counter-top view with the recording lens pointing at an upward angle. The view of York's face is shadowed from the colored lights on the ceiling, which are starred in the camera's view because of their brightness and proximity.

Your host is a rather inebriated York, whom friends and acquaintances may have noticed has been missing in the week since the jump. The feed opens to him holding a drink, but he sets it down off to the side of the recording lens and leans back in his seat. ]

You ever feel like the ship has it in for you?

[ Until now York's made it an especial point to separate the ship from whatever entity is running it, but now in his drunken and emotional state, he doesn't seem inclined to make the differentiation. ]

Like, hell, at first I thought it wasn't so bad, not like everyone acted like it was. And even when I had something to worry about, the ship ended up fixing it for me—I was given something I'd lost when I showed up here. And since that thing happened to be my best friend, you know, I was pretty chill with it all. I mean, now he's in his own body, and that's kind of weird, but we've been dealing with it, okay? It's all good.

But ever since then; ever since then...

[ Here he reaches for his drink and takes a swallow, setting it back down with a careful clink, blinking at the lens and leaning in a bit. ]

...I don't know how in the hell they know about what our pasts are, but I know I don't appreciate this shit being rubbed in my face. The helmet, okay, the grenade, yeah, that I could handle, leaving D stuck in some kind of coma? That's the last straw with me.

[ York picks up his comms device and moves it to try to get a better angle on his face, but it's off to the side now and more off-kilter even than before. ]

Whoever's in charge of making these decisions, 'cause, yeah, I know you're listening in on this. You come out of hiding. I got a bone to pick with you.
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That hasn't happened in awhile.
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Fluke? [She thinks about that.] Doubt it. Things hardly ever seem to happen by chance here.
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Too much to ask for an easy life. Never will be an easy life.
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I suppose you're entitled to that. Anger, that is.
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Perhaps it is. Then again, tends to be a lot of useless posts. Don't see much a difference.
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I don't disagree. I'm only pointing out the futility of useless posts.