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video; netherlands is too annoyed to bother with counting

[The second level of the Gardens is in the background and Netherlands? Might as well be the personification of so done with this shit instead, right now, and when he speaks his voice is tight, not tired.]

There's another goddamned dinosaur here.

[His lips thin, and the next part of the rant is way off-script but like he cares. So done.]

The Gardens aren't the ship's fucking playground. They grow food. Make oxygen. Filter the water. Air, and shit. It does not have to house all of your goddamned pets, or be your living room, or test area, or vacation, or - whatever the hell you think it is. It's a pain in the ass to take care of. Without half of you treating it like it's your right to take advantage of and then leave for the department to clean up. The department isn't big. There's four levels and kilometers of produce to take care of. We'd be too fucking overworked even if you assholes didn't tear up the place whenever you fucking felt like it.

[HUFF. He scowls and crosses his arms, and yeah, he's going to keep right on with the telling the entire ship how he really feels, in vividly pissy detail.]

Stop treating the gardens like they're yours. Because you all suck at owning shit. [Well - a flicker, unsure.] Most of you, I mean.

[Yep and then he's back to business.]

If it doesn't stop, I'm finding a way to lock out anyone who isn't in the department.
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...But I live here.

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You never asked me to. Not my fault.
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[Because a near-century's worth of torture and trauma + eight lifetimes worth of rewritten bad memories crammed into one head would make just about anyone a crazy person.]

Then I would quite possibly be more liable to help.
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[Tragically the chances of her actually going there on her own accord is pretty slim to nil.]

Would advise you leave that to someone more experienced in interacting with animals. [It's not that Rey hates them. She just doesn't know what to do with them, and they usually don't know what to do with her.]
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Depends on what needs to be done. [Pause.] What needs to be done?
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[She winces internally at the metaphor, though she's not certain as to why. Perhaps she is trying to break away from her role as a device -- something that can be used by others. Or perhaps it's just disturbing with how complacent she has become with her role in things.]

I think you already know.


Can do a lot of heavy lifting, if needed.
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Apologies. More adept at destruction than rebuilding. Always have been. [Since the day she was born.

[And then she considers, because the silence gives a food for thought:]
Best I can do is protect the area. Hurt anything that tries to hurt it. [The Gardens. Make sure that no one comes crashing in or sets it on fire.

[At least she can do this the best way she can.]