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Juliana ([personal profile] rubblegoddess) wrote in [community profile] ataraxion2013-08-03 10:41 am

video; step three

[It seems ridiculous that she'd want to have something be on video when she looks the way she does, but so it goes. As it stands, you're greeted at an unusually early hour by a woman with mussed hair all wrapped up in her blanket with red eyes and a frown. She speaks shakily, obviously a bit bothered by whatever is going on.

And oddly enough, it has nothing to do with the strange occurrences going on on the ship. No, it's a more mundane thing.]

I shouldn't have the capacity for that, but... I think I had a dream. Not a good one. I woke up like this and my pillow was wet and my chest hurt and I'm completely disturbed right now.

This isn't supposed to happen. A moment used to feel like an eternity to me, but now I sleep and everything goes by so quickly. This time it was terrible. I feel terrible.

[She's all alone, and she hates being alone. She's used to a million people needing her every day.



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