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Peter Pettigrew ([personal profile] trepidations) wrote in [community profile] ataraxion2013-06-17 09:20 pm

oo1 -- video

[ The feed flickers, the sounds of rustling loud over the microphone and the face of a mousy, wide eyed boy appears on the screen. He doesn't seem to understand the technology completely at first. He's seen it before, no doubt, in some strange muggle books his father found for him once, but he taps at it, huffing as he tries to make sense of how to hold it so that the feed shows his face and not his feet. He wrinkles his nose and groans, clearly frustrated with the little device. ]

O-oi! Prongs? Padfoot? S'this some kind of joke? C'mon, I really -- I mean, I need to get some homework done and I'm not really sure where this is or... or what this is. I mean, there were those things when I arrived and, it's just -- do you -- can you help?

[Peter Pettigrew sighs a little bit. Of course they wouldn't answer. This is probably some really bad prank, and he's always the butt of their jokes, really. The feed jerks around as he very nearly drops it, and Peter makes a rather disapproving face. ]

Is anyone there? Honestly, this place -- I'm lost.

[ Well, this has not been a good way to start the day. He's only a tiny bit grumpy, really. ]

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