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03 | video | And did the children really understand the things you did to them?

[ Chase has been busy. She's been out of sight for a while, even to the group she normally can be seen trailing--the time of her disappearance coincides with the second wave. The arrival of the Crowing. She's been hard at work doing something, though what it is exactly is hard to tell.

She's in the room her and Capa share, both beds void of any covers, the entire thing crumpled up into the corner. Her hair's tied messily back and she's scribbled things on the walls--quotes from the religious book she's been holding onto for dear life, and the drawings of a four year old in chalk: blue stick figures with wings, a blue stick figure with horns, one in a brown trench coat and above it, a symbol all too familiar for people that have seen her holding her book.

More have gone.

[ She addresses the communication device with something other than concern--of cold detachment. ]

More will follow.