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video ✧ angels in the architecture spinning in infinity

[ joe's not so much ill at ease on camera as he is just happier off, and the lack of desire to throw his metaphorical hat in to this particular ring bleeds through into his slumped posture. he's got his actual hat off and set to the side, because this calls for company manners which means your nicest flannel and no hat, as you do. ]

Name's Joe Davis, based outta Pernambuco. [ a beat. ] That's just about on the far edge of the farms on Pasiphae, right. [ since as it's been made abundantly clear, he's the only one who knows that sort of thing off-hand. ]

Nobody's wanted to tell me too much, but I get the sense something about this whole thing makes me look dangerous. And I understand that, and whatever questions you gotta ask I'm ready to answer them. [ in part because there's only one of him and a lot of everybody else and it's the smart call, but that can go unsaid. ] I guess I just wanted to say this is all new and confusing to me, too, and seeing as I'd rather not end up pistol whipped, if it's all the same to everybody-- [ yeah, dean, he saw that-- ] I figured maybe I'd make the first move, since it's seeming like maybe I've landed in a tight spot without meaning to here.

[ he looks down, rubbing at the back of his neck with a thumb, a little uncomfortable. ]

I'm not much for speeches, but it seemed like the thing to do-- think that's about it, anyway.

[ and with that, he's out. ]
circumitus: She literally cut my boxers off with a 8" chef's knife and had her way with me. (tomorrow never knows)


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[She's been skimming through the other answers to confirm her other queries.]

So, nothing to do with Gettysburg, then. [Rey may be thinking something along the lines of a much different J. R. Davis.]

You must find your situation to be unfortunate.
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I see.

[So she may have been drawing to her own conclusions. Oh well.]

On your ranch? [Yeah, she's been reading some of those replies to catch what manner of occupation he used to have.] Are you really that irreplaceable from your work?