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001 ☆ video | from medbay

[ There's a bit of fuzziness-- chattering-- like a conversation between two people. One has a high pitched voice and seems to be dropping the F-bomb with indescribable chatter, and the other is entirely too loud. Way, way too loud. There is a bright light, and then, two red eyes belonging to an alien creature peer into the communication device-- and then, the loud voice is heard again-- ]

Dude! What in the name of Liberty's lingerie do you think you're doing! This is like hardcore stuff, like, super way cool hardcore stuff probably seen right out of the X-Files! Tony, my number one man, don't you drop that! Give me that!

[ The device it jerked from the alien creature, who doesn't seem pleased with this at all. We now see a set of blue eyes and glasses with blonde hair--
aaaaaand. He's panicking.
Of course America was going to to jump to the cellular device and post to the network before anyone else are you kidding me-- ]

Okay! OKAY! Like, I need all of my back up ASAP here pronto! We've been kidnapped-- okay, no, actually, this is like--

[ He pants, looking around. There is still a good amount of blue goop on his face and good lord America get dressed you're still in your star and striped underwear. ]

OKAY YOU KNOW HOW YOU'RE LIKE MINDING YOUR OWN BIZWHACK AND SUDDENLY YOU GET THAT WEIRD SINKING FEELING IN YOUR BODY LIKE DEJA VU LIKE FREAKY WEIRD DEJA-VU, Yeah, man, TOTALLY getting that feeling and it's freakin' me out, man! Holy SHIT, this is bad! I was just jamming to Katy Perry like a boss and then I think I fell asleep on a bunch of like important government papers or something that I was supposed to do-- who gives a crap that's not serious right now-- I--

[ A BREATH!!!! Slow down, America! You talk like a thousand miles. And he does slow down, becoming a bit more coherent. ]

--I-- think I've been here before, but I don't know--! What if somebody erased my brain like outta some sci-fi movie and put weird memories back in and now I'm going to be pregnant with alien children or something mondo-crazy like WHOA-- uhh-- hey! Can anybody even hear me? This isn't like an Apple product or anything I don't think so I hope I'm using it right--

Yo, uhh, France! China! Canadia! Even England-- and I guess Russia-- ANYBODY! What the hell is going on?

[ Welcome back, America. Your memories of this place will gradually come to mind-- but here you are-- impulsively reacting without thinking as usual. Here's a permission post for 4th walling. ]
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[..."Déjà vu" indeed.]

Still noisy.
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Not much light to shed. You were annoying before -- does not appear that much has changed now.

[Rey das rude.]
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I have considered. I've been stranded for a long time now. Don't care anymore.
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I just don't.

Some people have a way of leaving eventually. ["Or leaving me eventually."] I assume you did once before, too. I don't see a point in fighting for a way out, and I certainly don't see a point in screaming to the network about it.
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Same difference.

And home is not such a great place for everyone.
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Wouldn't call it happy, either. [More like accepting that there's nothing she can do to control her situation, really.]

Wasn't winning a lot of favors from people at home. Would probably rather I have stayed dead.
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Of course it's cruel. I was not made to be happy.
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It's not a matter of what I deserve.
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Try springrolls and beer. Comfort food, sort of.