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[ TEXT ] in which cambridge makes a polite enquiry about her location

[ Hello, fellow crewmembers. If your device wasn’t on before IT CERTAINLY IS NOW! Cambridge - still nursing the mental wound of her power being so rudely culled and currently feeling obnoxiously disorientated - technopathically shoves a text transmission your way: ]

if somebody doesn't tell me exactly where the fuck I am then I am airlocking the whole bloody ship so help me god.

[ An idle threat, don’t you worry. If she had been at full strength then she might have attempted to slip her way through the ship’s systems but as it is she can barely switch a light off, let alone override the hundreds of security precautions that would undoubtedly stand between her and an airlock. Still, the impulse behind the threat is very real: uncertainty and fear mingled with a desperation to check that she wasn’t going mad and dreaming this all... ]

unless this is some hideously unfunny prank in which case you can all go to hell.

bad form, you bastards.
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would prefer to find out myself before being jutted out into oblivion. thanks.
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that's a directive i think i can agree on. i'm sick of wandering into all these dead ends.
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[text] bluh sorry for the late

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well, this is a ship, right?
but i haven't seem to have found any of the crew.
or anyone who can say what the hell is going on around here, for that matter.
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i'll keep looking. don't have anything better to do.

[She pauses before replying -- and that is one question she will probably be having to dodge for awhile. Quick, think of a bullshit answer:]

just another unwilling passenger. like you.
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not very helpful, but i'll keep it in mind.
i'll call you cambridge if that works.