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SGT BRAD COLBERT ([personal profile] makedo) wrote in [community profile] ataraxion2013-03-15 08:18 pm

001 ☠ t e x t

[ For the entirety of the invasion of Iraq, Brad has been wishing for just one mission, one legit recon mission that makes use of his skills and talents. He didn't get one then — but the days since his arrival, he's run through the entire range of his skills. He's done basic reconnaissance, he's stayed out of everyone's way and watched, he's appropriated food, weapons and ammunitions beyond what he'd found in the locker.

Person would have a fucking field day with this, but Brad's conclusions are still tentative. Time to reach out to the local populace:

Brad Colbert, Sgt. of the US Marine Corps. My social security number is none of your fucking business, I don't care what the Geneva Conventions say. Any devil dogs aboard?

[ And after a moment's consideration, he adds: ] So. Space?

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