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As I have been assigned a position on the team of xenobiologists here, part of my duties includes taking a sample from each and every being on this ship. I assume it is strictly for record purposes, and such information may aid the medical staff if something unfortunate should happen.

At the earliest convenience, everyone on board will come to the medical bay for a blood sample and a few questions. Each session should be brief; we wouldn't want to keep you from your other preoccupations.

[[Okay, here's how it's going to go down! This is both apparently an actual thing listed under the xenobio job department, and an excuse for Alexander to be a massive creep and cause a little pain to others while getting some blood. Bad habit, that.

Problem is, I don't like needles. Yeah, worst mun for the job, I know. So all of Alexander's work is going to be off-screen, but if you could put an ooc note in this post stating what he might have found out (Name, original species, special abilities, blood type/colour, pain/fear level in regards to needles or creepy old men in general, and anything else of interest), that would be fantastic!

If you're the kind of person who really would rather play that scene out, our Kabuto mun is going to start a log for the same purpose as well. Anyone else with a character going into that department is free to join in there, persuade Alexander to let them help him instead, or whatever!
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I couldn't care either way.

[She has, however, taken a moment to glance over the other responses.]

Out of curiosity, what if you're unable to earn the cooperation of everyone to obtain the samples, if it's so necessary?
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Oh, so you'll come then? Thanks!

I guess, that'll be up to the captain. Uh, it is an official request from the department, and is for reasons of health and safety, so hopefully everyone will, uh, realize that.

Oh yeah, I'm Tavros. I signed your manifesto thing. Hi!
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I guess.

[She stares for a moment. The Captain seems to be the one in charge, so...

[Well. Following orders. Recommendations of superiors. Seems like the way for her to go.]

...I see.


[Haha, aren't we chatty.]
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Re: video

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[Tavros waits patiently while she thinks about it, and is delighted with her response. Yay! Logic!]

Good! Uh. ...How is the manifesto going?
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You're probably doing a better job at it than I am.
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Oh. Uh. Do you need me to ask people to sign that too?