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video | 007

[Yeah yeah it's this guy looking - what else - grumpy. Though this time he takes a moment to light his cigarette before reaching forward and speaking.]

Read that.

[And suddenly there's a ping with the oh-so-creatively named file gardens.txt on the screen. No other explanation is provided; he's pretty sure it's straightforward enough. No stupid shit, they deliver, and they're always taking applications. That business taken care of he gets to the point.]

Rest of Agriculture - wanna have a meeting in a few days. Three days from now, 15:00, tell me if ya can't be there.

[A second to smoke. Puff puff.]

The people I talked to couple jumps ago - first batch is cured an' ready, if you payed for it.

[Batch meaning tobacco, but he doesn't explain that either. The cigarette hanging from his mouth probably makes it obvious.]


[[ooc info about the Gardens is right over here for the curious. and to the department - totally going to handwave that meeting if that's cool]]
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What do you consider payment for a batch?
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[Rey owns some things -- they're just personal. She's very minimalistic.]

How much are you willing to offer?
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In the jungle. [Where she's usually been staying these days.]

Can be anywhere else in the gardens shortly.
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Bossy is fine by Rey. She responds better to bossy. A concise language and a militant tongue is all it usually takes for her to understand -- simple enough for her to appreciate above the wishy-washy bullshit she's also accustomed to hearing and despising.

She knows her way around well enough that it's only a matter of ten minutes or so before her timely arrival at the lounge. There's something that's different than normal in the way that she carries herself. No longer the robotic movements or the marching stance of a soldier. All things considered, she's oddly more relaxed.

Go figure.


At least some things don't change, such as her conscience courtesies.
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...Work for it. She wasn't expecting that, but it's actually a welcome surprise. Nothing is free in the world -- nothing is handed to you on a silver platter, at least not where she is from.

"Very well."

It's not as though she has anything better to do with her time at the moment, no real rush to get back to her rounds or all that other tedious stuff that security officers do.

Rey pauses at the table where the scissors are, along with the array of other materials she looks at. Then, she looks at him. "How does this work?" He only needs to show her once; she'll possibly get the rest.