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[Hey guys, Paceface here to chat! How's the weather aboard? Bloody and depressing? Right... sounds on par.]

I've only been here for a little over a month, and things have progressed this much? 

[He won't say 'finally, about time', because that's just rude as hell. People are dead, and he's not so heartless to ignore that.]

Once a creature is killed, don't assume others won't take its place; monsters like them? They're greedy and stubborn. And they're like rats. How long have they been grouping in those halls after you'd cleared out that single department? How long have they known about that incident? If they're capable of reproducing, we're in even more trouble. There could be a ring of them around us and we'd never even know it, possibly just waiting for our pods to malfunction again... or for our doors and lights to stop working.

[Scaring people? Yes, I like to scare people. But it's for good intentions, at least. He'd like to at least put those thoughts out there.]

I think it'd be in everyone's best interests to not wander into the dark abyss of hallways alone from this point. [don't listen to him, he's a hypocrite] Though... if anyone's planning to regroup and send out a hunting team, I would be more than happy to join one. I've nothing to lose, and death doesn't particularly scare me like it used to. I don't think I'm the only one out there that would agree to that, especially with the things so many have seen and suffered through.

... Death just isn't as scary as it used to be.

[... Speaking of 'death'. He pauses, thoughtful.]

I hope the kid finds peace in hers. She was a brave girl... and considering what I've seen of her on the network, I imagine she's no ordinary child; does anyone see anything familiar about the map she'd drawn on the walls? Her own little mural, so to speak. What did she see in that little head of hers that prompted an art session? Where does this floor plan lead? If it's truly one at all.

... Let us know on the network if anyone finds out more.
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I have considered a process of extermination should be sorted out soon as well. If it's possible for something to have survived the jumps and kill so easily, they should also be killed.

That said, I am interested in accompanying any of those in favor of forming a hunting team.

[Seems that someone has a shared sentiment in that "death isn't as scary as it used to be".]
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[Monsters. Men. Machines. Yes, he would totally be assuming the right thing.]

Affirmative. Efficiently at that.
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I also believe working alongside each other would be the more prudent choice. These creatures appear to have a pack mentality -- as such, it's best to avoid being outnumbered by evening our own odds.

[How does that cliché go now? It's best to fight monsters with monsters? While it's a dangerous gamble, they all seem to have at least a common goal -- and that alone is something worth bending the norm for to handle this situation.]
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[She's not being sarcastic, either -- she means that. Most people tend to associate violence with negativity. That it's wrong. It's not an end-all-be-all resort, but it does have its time and place.]

As have I. [She thinks about that for a moment, but not too deeply. If she slips, she might fall back into that moment in her photographic memory.] Mostly with armies. Lots of wars. With people and monsters that tend to gather in clusters. They're not stupid, and they're only likely to get bold the more they're exposed to the idea that their territory is being invaded.

[She presumes the monsters aren't, either. What more, they're dangerous -- not just for what they're capable of, but for surviving the jumps as well.]
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Greco-Persian Wars. The Greeks were particularly skilled in crushing their enemies because they had better knowledge on the layout of the lands. Which is more than what we can say about those particular areas of the ship because we're not "supposed to" go there.

Affirmative. Reconnaissance, among others I am well-versed in that may be useful out there.
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["I'm a Piece," she could say. But if it's one thing that Rey's learned, it's just how vague that is to people where she's coming from. Chances that it'll mean anything to the people here? Next to zero.

[There's also no sense in feeling network-paranoid, either. Rey's over-shared personal information over a public line before with little to no regard of the consequences. But the encryption there is nice.]

Not ordinary. Or human, if that's where you're going. [How to explain this in a similar manner her father had told her...?] My body is made up of some organic, though mostly inorganic material. The inorganic parts run the risk of emitting irradiated particles in extreme situations.

[She then realizes how bad that sort of sounds.]

I have a better control of it now to make this useful.
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Sadly I use it sparingly, if possible. If I overdo it then I catch fire, and I've no way of putting myself out.

...Unless someone happens to be carrying an extinguisher.
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May as well. As things are, it ought to become necessary someday.

[Now that Rey finally has a right mind to think about it, she has no idea why it hasn't occurred to her sooner how necessary it actually might be.]
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I try to keep the property damage to a minimum here for that reason -- though the state of my living quarters tends to suggest otherwise.

[She thinks about that carefully for a moment.]

...Uncontrolled fire in this place could be a problem.
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Fortunately. I believe this ship would have plenty of trouble sailing on wood.