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I'm one of the gals who came on board last jump, name's Eileen. I was wondering who to talk to about doing some work down in the Oxygen Gardens. I'm not afraid to get my hands dirty and it'd be great to have something productive to do - so I'd appreciate hearing from the usual working crew.

For everyone else, I heard the bar's got some tunes. It'd be pretty nice if I could find a dancing partner. Partner dancing or just someone to dance around with. No pressure, I'm not a professional or anything. Both men and women may apply, haha.


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Departments can always use extra hands.

[Mason's got that part covered, though. On the other hand...

[There's a long pause.]

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[..."shaking your groove"--



[Yeah, it's kind of archaic slang where Rey is coming from. Maybe she's heard that kind of talk from a song before. Yeah...]

...Potentially. Forewarning, I have not danced before.
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[...That sort of thing used to be beyond Rey. Good thing that at this point, she's got enough exposure on worldly things that she doesn't just tilt her head cluelessly at that description.

Ah. Understood. ["I think."

[Read as: Rey is going to be the worst. Dancer. Ever.]
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Just opera. I don't believe that is appropriate for dancing.

[Poor Eileen.]
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Didn't think so.

[She's seen opera, too. Dido and Aeneas. There's some dancing in that, but not exactly what one could "shaking your groove thing" to.]

Shouldn't be a problem with what is available.
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[She sees the snapshot and keeps it in mind. Rey is not the forgetful type -- quite the opposite really, with a near-photographic memory thanks to her father "fixing" that.]

Yes. I will see you.
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[...Rey likes music. It's something that she's come to learn fairly recently, although her concept of "recently" is different from what others perceive it. It can be as soon as yesterday or as distant as several years ago. Sometimes it's hard to say.

[But she's here right now. No shifting between here and there, or taking ganders in her father's flat where the music plays The Platters -- "Oh yes, I Am The Great Pretender!"]



[Sometimes she carries herself stiffly. Today, the music sets her at ease a bit, because she likes it and it's a strangely comfortable setting rather than a violent one. Might as well not act like she's about to get jumped if she gets her guard down any second.]
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[Rather than vocalizing her response, Rey just nods at her greeting.] It's no trouble.

[She puts her hands into her pockets, trying to figure out how someone can manage to be so amiable when meeting people they've never met. She didn't get to know that many friendly people who were interested in making friends -- or dancing.

[But this is a new life. She's learning that now more and more, and she has to take it for what it's worth.

[Oh right, and there's the whole name game here, too.]

It's Rey.
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[If Rey were even remotely capable of shame, she'd probably start having reservations about this. As it stands, she doesn't. She's just somewhat confused.

[She'd seen people dancing together before at bars and places her father had taken her, so she isn't entirely left in the dark about this. It's just that seeing is a lot different from actually doing.

[...Okay, she can do this.]

Partner dancing. I get it.

[Kind of. Hands out, right? Or is she supposed to take Eileen's?

[This is kind of hopeless already, isn't it?]
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[Rey glances down briefly as Eileen takes her hands, and then back to Eileen again. She can't help but feel stricken with a sudden case of déjà vu here. She remembers Natalie briefly, who would take her hands not much unlike this. And then it just becomes another memory.]

I see...

[It's not much different than close quarters combat, really. The way your feet strafe from side to side to avoid blows to the head or stomach. But something tells her that this requires a certain kind of grace. Grace that she's seen on stage performances, actually.

[If nothing else, she mimics people well. Their gestures, their mannerisms... She's been doing that very thing since she arrived, only now it's even easier because she knows why that is.

[Moving your arms and feet. Shuffle. See? This isn't so hard.

[Try to look like this is more fun, Rey. It's dancing, not a suicide mission.]
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Wouldn't know. [She pauses. There's no need for her to stop and catch her breath when she clarifies:] About how I am feeling.

[Not that she knows why. The movements make sense to her, like the touching. It always seemed better when she saw people in movies do it. And that's pretty much the gist of it.

[She kind of hopes that it's not too awkward or off putting for Eileen. Normally she wouldn't care, but for some reason -- she actually sort of does these days.]