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rocks fall everyone dies

[ The communicator comes on deep in the darkness of the ship, having been jarred by the movements of its owner. There is only one person on the ship whose footsteps are this heavy, the glinting of crystals and white runes revealing Shale's identity to anyone who may recognize them. It soon becomes apparent, however, that the golem is not walking, not running, but fighting -- her large, stone arms are swinging, her targets making loud, inhuman noises of pain. Still, they keep coming, claws scratching along the floor of the ship.

Shale bellows and some of the creatures hiss in pain. There's just enough light from the magic in her crystals and the screen of the communicator that the next time Shale takes a swing, a creature is reflected, caught on camera. Despite the golem's heavy assault, she's being pushed back by the pack of manticores, close quarters making it more and more difficult to fight the way she's used to.

Then, quite suddenly, the camera angle tips. For a moment, it catches the ceiling, then the manticore that's attempting to leap onto Shale. Something bright is knocked off and away by the claws reaching toward Shale's shoulder -- a crystal, perhaps, and it falls clattering away into the darkness. Then, all three -- golem, communicator, and manticore -- fall.

And fall.

And fall.

And fall.

And, eventually, land. The camera stays on for a few moments longer, but nothing is moving save for a blinking red light, illuminating the now-crushed bodies of the manticore and the golem. Shale is hardly in as bad of shape as the creature, but both look like they've fallen into a singularity and couldn't get up. There's no movement, and the runes etched on Shale's stone dim, then flicker out completely. After a few moments more, the communicator times out as well -- and the red light, presumably, shines on. ]

((ooc: Quick explanation: deep within the ship, Shale accidentally found herself some manticores that some of you may remember from the stasis sickness event! While fighting them, she managed to fall down one of the creepy holes and, ahaha, remember those black holes from the maze and how they'd crush you? Well, that happened to her (and the unlucky manticore that fell with her). Congratulations, TQ, you've found one of the few things that can quickly kill a golem! Also, you know, everyone's probably going to die horribly. Yeah. That too. Much love to the mods for giving me a way to kill Shale in a horrifying manner, and I'll still be around with my other characters! ALSO: Quinlan has dibs on the crystal that fell off her.))
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action; for the team going to the scene, anywhere between the rendezvous point and the scene

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[ He's got a team and two of Tyke's dogs. Half the team isn't on SEC but he knows Godric and Quinlan, and if the ones coming with Quinlan are anything like him... well, they should be fine.

Should be. A golem should've been fine, too. ]

Recon and retrieval only, people. Any of you decide that's not enough for you, I will stop you. We stay together and we keep our eyes open.

[ Reaper's wearing his combat armor, has his handgun and his assault rifle and the grenades he got in his locker. He looks like he's going to war. As far as he's concerned, they were all in one from the moment they got on the damn ship. ]
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[Rey is not accustomed to teamwork. She goes solo and that's usually the end of that, but it hasn't always been that way.

[She was a soldier, after all, and she can do reconnaissance. There's not much that she
can can, but there is that. Aside from her own assault rifle and a pistol provided to her by Security, she could probably do with being more heavily armed and protected like Reaper there.

[Not that she needs to be. Her own skin is oftentimes protection enough.]

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[ He's used to having a team, and he knows this won't be like RRTS -- they're all too new to working together to be synchronized like they were. But it's something, and though he heals almost instantly, he feels better wearing his combat armor.

If someone else needs it, he may pull some of it off -- offer it around. But for now they need to get out to their coordinates. ]

You trained in explosives?
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[She nods.]

Among other things.

[The rifle is her safest bet for the time being. It's the one kind of weapon that she's used the most and, in spite of its weight, she carries it with light and ease.]
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I don't want to use them, but if it comes down to it, I've got ten grenades. I'll give you a couple so they aren't all with me, though I want them back when were done. Sound good?

[ She's one of the actual SEC members and isn't so gung-ho about killing monsters, so he feels best about giving them to her. ]
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Yes, good. They should be useful -- and I will return them if they are unused.

[Which she hopes it doesn't boil down to that, either. If it does... Well, she knows how to use them.]
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[ John pulls out about three and holds them out, waiting for Rey to take them. ]

Let's hope they are.
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team not-supposed-to-be-here @ RV

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[ All right. ]

[ A warrior, a mage and a rogue walk into the deeper part of the ship. When he spots Reaper's team there, the bright side is that, hey, they didn't get lost! And Alistair's pants are still on. Will miracles never cease? ]

[ The downside is that they're not supposed to be there. ]

[ Uh. ]

[ Right. Alistair's got this. Let him do the talking. ]

Heeeeeeey! It's... you guys. Good to see you.

Um. Funny story, actually? I had no idea you would... arrive here so fast.

[ All right, maybe Alistair hasn't got this. Maybe he is so far from getting this that "this" that he doesn't even know what this is. Everybody makes mistakes. ]
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[ There's a blank stare for a minute before Reaper sighs, signalling the others to stop (and lower their weapons). With two of Tyke's dogs at his heels, a bull terrier and a doberman, he steps forward. Alistair he recognizes from seeing around the security office and on patrols. The others, not so much. ]

You're looking for her, aren't you?

[ That much was easy enough to figure out. ]
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[ He tosses a glance at his Warden, who then chooses (Let Alistair deal with this). ]

[ Right. It's their funeral. ]

[ He takes off his helm and nods. ]

Yes, ser. We want to at least see if she's beyond healing magic before we accept that she's... well. Dead.
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[ Magic. Well. Okay then. ]

Makes sense. From what I saw on the video though, not sure if we'll be able to get her out of there.

[ He exhales, then snaps into military mode. ]

We're on recon and retrieval only -- no hunting after those creatures, just finding out what we can and trying to get her out of there. If the three of you want to come along with us, we'll probably all be safer. I'm heading this team with orders from Tyke, and if anyone tries wandering farther into the ship, I will find a way to stop you and bring you back. No one else needs to get hurt today.

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[ He kind of makes a face at first. No hunting? But... fine. He doesn't want to break more rules than he already has. ]

[ He nods. ]

Yes, ser.

[ ooc: Daylen after this, and then Marina. ]
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I am happy to defer to security's authority in this situation. Is there a contingency plan should we be overwhelmed? Shale has a great deal of strength about her, and she still found herself taken down. Alistair is the most physically strong of the three of us, Marina is the fastest and I suspect I have the most raw power. It would be better if I stay back and freeze anything that comes too close, that way if we are mobbed it will be easier for me to help everyone get back out so we can return safely later. If you agree, that is --

[ He looks up at Reaper, then around and Alistair and Marina -- gesturing vaguely until a soft, icy glow envelopes their weapons. Frost Weapons time it is, then. He gives a thin smile. ]

My name is Daylen, by the way.
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Yes, ser. [ she might leer a bit here ] I like a man who knows what he wants.

[ The narration is so so sorry for her. It's a coping mechanism, honest! Also she's just ridiculous, and inappropriate, and I'm so sorry.

She bows a bit, though, with a flourish.

'Hawke' is actually preferable to 'Marina'. I let Daylen get away with it because he's so cute and cuddly. Do we have any idea where exactly we should be looking?
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Yeah. If it tries to kill you, kill it first. [ But he should probably give more than that. ] Work to your strengths. Don't underestimate whatever we find or your teammates. I saw retreat, you'd better fucking retreat.

[ He looks like he's considering saying more, but then he's suddenly being leered at and blinks. John even looks down at the dogs, like they might have some advice. ... Nope. ]

We've got the coordinates, yeah. And it's John -- Staff Sergeant John Grimm. "Reaper", if you want.
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[ He's fine with those orders. ]


We're ready to get moving, Reaper.

[ And then he gives Marina a look because. Girl. Really. Come on? ]
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[ Marina you are being viciously elbowed in a surprisingly subtle way developed from years of dealing with Zevran. It is a very efficient stop doing that manoeuvre. ]

As you say, then.

[ Daylen will apply himself to keep Marina from being too inappropriate detail, nbd guys. ]
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[ Don't judge her. Actually, judge her, she's still gonna do it. Mwah.

She grunts softly when that elbow sinks into her ribs, but she grins a little, too. Hey, distracting them even a little from their most-likely-dead friend is a good thing, right?

Assume whatever we run into can probably eat me in a few seconds flat, run screaming and sobbing for our mothers if you sound the retreat, no arguments lest we find ourselves facing your likely considerable wrath.

[ she gestures down the hall with a little deferential half bow ] After you, Ser Reaper.
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action; upon finding the scene

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[ The Force says this way and Quinlan and the Jedi listen. If they empty their minds and look with more than their minds they can see their way through the Darkness of the ship. There are traces in the Force here and there - a shadow of a movement, an echo of a thought - of the path that Shale must have walked along the corridors. Alone, for the most part, until... ]


[ Quinlan feels it - a sharp twist in the Force, a tendril of rage and hate that curls around the senses and draws his attention up and along the corridor. This is it, it says.

There's a lightsaber in his clenched hand, ready and waiting but not ignited - yet. He stops, one hand outstretched as if to feel his way through the cloud of pain and violence that still hangs in the Force along the corridor ahead of them. ]

We need more light.
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[ Someone is probably thinking that light may draw attention to them, and they'd be right. Still, Reaper can't hear anything close right now, and he's sure the Jedi would let him know if they could sense it. The dogs aren't picking anything up either, though Windsor is tracking, recognizes the scent of the manticores. Luckily they stop when the party does. ]

Comms can be used as a flashlight, [ Reaper murmurs after a moment, pulling his out and adjusting the settings to light it up. ]

Everyone stay close. I don't want anyone else falling into one of those holes, because from the looks of things, we're not going to be able to help much if you do.
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going again BECAUSE I CAN why not

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[ Much like the rest of the team Quinlan's empty hand moves to his belt to pull out his comms device and thumb the little torch in to life. He arcs the beam along the floor, sweeping the way ahead of them with light in the search for mystery holes as they slowly begin to move forward again.

He senses them before he sees them - a grating on his senses, a sharp scratch along the edge of the Force: long, stretching claw marks gouging their path along the vaulted ribs of the corridor. Quinlan pauses, picking out one particularly deep scratch that ends ominously in a smear of blood, and quietly comments: ]

She fought well.
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[he'd gone in to this mission expecting to be faced with darkness. since arriving on the ship, he could feel its presence creeping in along the edges of his senses. a chilling heat that can't be ignored; can't be avoided. it's there to stay, and every now and then, it makes sure it's known to all aboard. shale's attack had been one such event, and it's far from being the last. the signs are tangible, even without the force screaming its warnings to all who'll listen.

his own lightsaber in hand, there's a moment of confusion that follows when he sees quinlan reaching for his comms device instead of igniting his weapon. on more than one mission he's had to rely on his lightsaber as a light source, with other jedi and with civilians. so falling back on basic technology like that seems...strange.

he doesn't openly question it though. not this time. instead he follows suit, reaching for his own device. and coming up empty handed. a certain droid has some explaining to do once this task is over with.]
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[Obi-Wan's comm is actually in his pocket, for once - Arfour had tried to take it but hadn't quite managed this time.

But instead of lighting his comm he lights his own lightsaber, because of the defense it will provide him. Unlike Anakin, he knows the reason that Quinlan won't light his own]

She did, that.
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From what I saw on the video [ and from what he can see here, illuminated by the light from his and Quinlan's comms and Obi-Wan's lightsaber, from the blood he can smell ] I think she would've been fine, if she hadn't found the hole.

[ Which makes him wonder if the manticores are more intelligent than people think. They could have herded her into it on purpose. They've certainly survived somehow without going into the gravity couches in medical with the rest of them. Intelligent, guided somehow... he's not sure, but he doesn't like it. It reminds him too much of Olduvai.

Just under the scent of blood comes a faint whiff of petrichor, and Reaper pauses. It's like being in the jungle again, just after it rained. They're too far from the oxygen gardens though, and it doesn't make any sense. ]
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[ In his peripheral vision he can see Reaper pause - and he's trained with Reaper enough to know that the other man's senses are beyond that of any ordinary human's. Something has snagged the other man's attention and, in turn, it catches Quinlan's - he tenses, grip tightening on his lightsaber as he scans ahead...

And there it is. A glistening shard, a bright speck of light, glittering all the more brightly for the gaping darkness of the hole just beyond it. It shines just as sharply in the Force, resonating with echoes of life; Quin picks his way through the manticore blood and the scarred metal until he's close enough to hunch down and examine the crystal more closely, now seemingly heedless of the cavernous rupture in the corridor floor barely a few feet away.

He lifts a hand as if to touch the crystal - but hesitates, visibly conflicted. ]