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[ second oath ♞ video ]

[ well, hello, Tranquillites. Some of you may remember her first attempt at using this device and broadcasting -- this second time, Brienne at least seems to know where to point the small box and how to hold it so. However, proper use as it is she looks a tad uncomfortable at addressing the ship in such a way once again.

And knowingly, this time. ]

Now that things have settled down a bit.

[ for a minute it appears she may continue on this vein. Instead, he frowns, takes a breath and continues on a different note ... ]

It would seem that after remaining for three jumps, I may as well find myself something to do if I am to continue to be here. [ not doing anything, has not done her well, especially since the recent events ]

I wish to be of some use. To acquire some manner of work. If you please, I would ask what there is that needs to be done on board?

[ she falls quiet, gives a small nod and the feed is cut. ]
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As others have already suggested -- can always use more [reliable] heads in the security department.
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Affirmative. Have been for all of eleven jumps now.
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It is not up to me whether you join or not. The program is strictly voluntary, and up to you to sign up. No request necessary.

If it means that much to you, however -- you are welcome.

[With that, she'll be shooting over the aforementioned form via comm device.]
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[Goodness gracious, it's like you'd think there would be some kind of screening for this or something.

[Rey then pauses. Not often that she is thanked. Almost forgets how to even respond to that.]

...You're welcome.