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oo2. ( video | the second birdsong )

[ The feed clicks on. +1 Rosella, looking blankly at the screen. It's actually a pretty lengthy beat, though it's more thoughtful than that thousand yard stare might suggest. Considering who this is, though... Not always easy to tell. The camera is centered to a perfect frame of her shoulder-up and while the lights are dim, there's probably only a very small handful of people who, you know. Start out their feeds that quasi-ominously.

The silence is quickly replaced by a sharp frown. It's a little jarring, to see such an aggressive expression on a previously empty face.

As operational parameters are different here, I have a personal query for operatives and competent civilians, new or old. Do you consider the previous mission history of either myself or others relevant in our new enviroment?
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Negative. Mission would not be feasible to carry out within these perimeters, anyway. Though I suppose it would also depend on the subject of the mission.
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Potentially? It is a hostile environment.
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