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001 Video

[Cersei has practiced this speech, carefully planned it and learned it off by heart. She is dressed as formally as she can muster, her crown in place, and a deliberate warm half-smile is on her lips.]

Dear people of Tranquility, I have created this visual message in order to ask for your aid. Some may already be aware that a man by the name of Robb Stark attempts to usurp my position and take my life. While I am not typically the type to ask of favours of others, I must request your assistance on this particular occasion. I have held the title of Queen uncontested for sixteen years. Nevertheless, upon arriving at this ship, I have been threatened with both the stripping of my position and my death.

While some call for a woman's head, I implore no such monstrosities. Instead I ask merely for protection from Stark and his violent men. Is there anyone in this ship who might be able to guard and protect me, increasing my safety? I am a woman and am thus unable to defend myself. There is enough turmoil and danger on this ship already. I feel that we need not add to it.
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How does being a woman make you incapable of defending yourself?

[Speaking as someone who's never seen herself to be a "woman" but a "soldier", always.]
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I see. I didn't know. [Rey stares a moment -- an ongoing habit that she has. Almost as if she's trying to size up what makes a lady different from a woman.] In my time, men, women, and children were typically trained combatants. Myself included. If no one steps up, I could offer to guard.

[Perhaps because, at this point, Rey is also trying to hinder her state of mind with a sense of purpose.]
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Combat is all I can be of any help at. I was not designated with any other purpose.
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For one thing, in any case. It's why I signed up for security. Made the most sense at the time.