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( 009 ) video ✶ i can’t help my feelings i’ll go out of my mind

[ jenna could have sworn she was done with being the nearly thirty year old who still gets high in public. but rey had a really big bag. a really. big. bag.

smoking with a vampire is worse for weed hogging than bong hits with michael phelps, news at eleven. at least she's a bit more coherent than her comrades.

the posts starts without ceremony, various limbs belonging to ariadne and rey in the background. ]

All right, we-- [ she flings out an arm, gathering two separate 'oofs' ] have all been here since day one. Day one. And a guy gave Rey a huge bag of weed, and we're not leaving this room until it's all smoked, because this place is the worst second chance invented without the cast of Jersey Shore involved. Seriously--

Wait, what's Jersey Shore? [ that from ariadne. jenna stops, frowning. ]

It's-- Rey, help me out here.

[ rey shakes her head slowly, eyes lidded. ] Can't, I have the same question.

[ jenna wrinkles her nose. ] Okay, it's-- orange people, from New Jersey, who are apparently Italian but really not, and one of them likes pickles and another one peed in a corner of a bar. [ kanye shrug. ] It's classy, appointment TV.

[ after a moment and three equally 'but why' faces, jenna moves on as their self-appointed spokesman. ] Anyway, what happened to boring space? It was like 'oh, I can't find enough hair ties' not 'holy crap, monsters and doom and people leaving'. I liked space better five months ago.

Rey. Rey, Ari. Quick poll-- play along, viewers at home-- did you like space better five months ago.

[ give her a second, what was her point again? ] Right, and people should come help us. And bring food.

Mostly the food, but helping's cool too. Rey's sharing, but only if you come join us in the People's Republic of Berkeley.

[ which would be the common deck on floor one, for the record. ]

Disallowed are: yelling, fighting, non-consensual pantsing, DARE propaganda, and Fig Newtons. Anything else, come on in.

( ooc | SO REY HAS DECREED ALL WEED IS TO BE SMOKED IN THE PARTY ROOM feel free to say your character dropped by, action it out, whatever. all threads viewable to the stoners three by proximity, label it locked otherwise and maybe one of them rolled over or something.

also blue is ari, and green is rey. )
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I don't see a reason to be discreet when we're not breaking any established rules.

In our defense, the ship provided the bag.

[That's Rey's story and she's sticking to it.]
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Do you pay attention to the network?
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Only on a few, very rare occasions.
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Right. A few days ago, someone showed up looking for help getting off narcotics. Narcotics such as you are bragging about using right now, in this moment.

Tell me: is bringing suffering to someone sufficient "reason"?
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[voice] how he do

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[And Edgeworth frowns. His self-righteousness is less...satisfying in the face of actual regret.]

I'm...not certain. I've not spoken with her about this. She said she had less of a problem with marijuana and alcohol than witnessing the use of more destructive narcotics.
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[voice] B)

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So far as I can tell, less than a week.
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She has a few friends with her.

[His voice is a bit quieter now.]

I...had intended to inquire if you could help her, but then all of this...
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[He clears his throat and now feels thoroughly guilty.]

In any case - I put a few names forth to her. Yours was one. She may well contact you to speak with you, and then if your personalities mesh, she'll perhaps call on you for help. She seems...open-minded.
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So we are. And obviously, your intent was not to...torment her. Nothing of the sort.
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[He's momentarily at a loss for words.]

Who...No. That's...Is she all right? Can you see her now? Is she...?

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[voice] sob it would work if rey was capable of caring

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I used to kill people. It was my job. I have brought suffering to many people -- but right now, they're actually having a good time. I think it should be nice, but I wouldn't know.

If this is an attempt to make me feel regret, you are wasting your time.
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[And Edgeworth's voice turns immediately venomous.]

Ah. How nice. A murderer making people happy by destroying their lives with drugs. Proud of yourself?
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I do not feel pride -- or anything.

It was war. If you know anything about that, by all means, go on. If not, then this conversation is over.
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That must be nice for you. No remorse. How easy.
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[voice > disconnect]

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...This conversation is over.
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[Still harshly, though his voice is more heated and audibly upset:]

Knock what off, precisely? Shall I start nodding in approval as she brags about killing people?
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Oh, wasn't she. Then what was she doing? Please, explain for her.