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( 009 ) video ✶ i can’t help my feelings i’ll go out of my mind

[ jenna could have sworn she was done with being the nearly thirty year old who still gets high in public. but rey had a really big bag. a really. big. bag.

smoking with a vampire is worse for weed hogging than bong hits with michael phelps, news at eleven. at least she's a bit more coherent than her comrades.

the posts starts without ceremony, various limbs belonging to ariadne and rey in the background. ]

All right, we-- [ she flings out an arm, gathering two separate 'oofs' ] have all been here since day one. Day one. And a guy gave Rey a huge bag of weed, and we're not leaving this room until it's all smoked, because this place is the worst second chance invented without the cast of Jersey Shore involved. Seriously--

Wait, what's Jersey Shore? [ that from ariadne. jenna stops, frowning. ]

It's-- Rey, help me out here.

[ rey shakes her head slowly, eyes lidded. ] Can't, I have the same question.

[ jenna wrinkles her nose. ] Okay, it's-- orange people, from New Jersey, who are apparently Italian but really not, and one of them likes pickles and another one peed in a corner of a bar. [ kanye shrug. ] It's classy, appointment TV.

[ after a moment and three equally 'but why' faces, jenna moves on as their self-appointed spokesman. ] Anyway, what happened to boring space? It was like 'oh, I can't find enough hair ties' not 'holy crap, monsters and doom and people leaving'. I liked space better five months ago.

Rey. Rey, Ari. Quick poll-- play along, viewers at home-- did you like space better five months ago.

[ give her a second, what was her point again? ] Right, and people should come help us. And bring food.

Mostly the food, but helping's cool too. Rey's sharing, but only if you come join us in the People's Republic of Berkeley.

[ which would be the common deck on floor one, for the record. ]

Disallowed are: yelling, fighting, non-consensual pantsing, DARE propaganda, and Fig Newtons. Anything else, come on in.

( ooc | SO REY HAS DECREED ALL WEED IS TO BE SMOKED IN THE PARTY ROOM feel free to say your character dropped by, action it out, whatever. all threads viewable to the stoners three by proximity, label it locked otherwise and maybe one of them rolled over or something.

also blue is ari, and green is rey. )
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[Don't mind Rey over here. She'll just be supervising the bag. And by supervising, she's creeping on everyone because holy shit, this has been a social experiment that has gone right in all the wrong ways.

[Anyone who wants to bother her are more than welcome to. Or just ask for some of the stash. She's sitting on it. Or, she's sitting on a pillow that has the big bag underneath it.

[Fun times.]
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[Hey I've not met you
and the air's all hazy
but I brought munchies
so cannabis maybe?]

So you're the keeper of the reefer, huh?
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[She can only figure that "reefer" is just another term for the pot, along with a variety of other names it's been called. Bah, people make things so complicated with names.]

I suppose.

Food goes to the others. I don't eat. [But she will, however, smoke like a chimney.] I assume you want some?
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[He's got a sack of shit slung over his shoulder like some goddamn stoner santa claus, and it's all for you, Jenna. Just give him a sec to unload everything.]

Alright then, Jenna can have your shit. Heeeey Jenna.

[He'll toss her a bag of chips since it's the first thing he gets his hands on. He's got all kinds of stuff in here, man, chips, cookies, peanut butter, something that he thinks are like space-twinkies, some random booze, a couple sodas, a slightly smashed loaf of bread, and uh, if anyone's brave enough to try it, some unidentified space jerky.]
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[By worst you mean best, right? Because Jenna is obviously the best spacemom ever, and look, she even gives Simon affection.

Which, he totally is taking as the weed talking and not anything genuine. Nope. Simon doesn't need sappy shit like feelings harshing his buzz before he even gets high.]
You love me for my munchies.

[Just gonna flop down here at their feet, making a motion at Rey to pass some of that shit over]

C'mon, man. Share the love.
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[Rey fails to make a comment regarding such sentiments and what they mean to her, WHICH IS PRETTY MUCH NOTHING, and just snaps her mouth shut.]

Here. [She tosses him a joint, and a lighter to go with it across the area. Bitch has a good throw. Hope you have an equally good catch, Simon.]
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[Her mantra:] I'm not hungry.

[How much has she smoked? And yeah, not even the slightest case of the munchies.]
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[He'll catch both the joint and lighter with a dexterity that promises to desert him the moment he tokes up, but for right now at least he can catch shit.

Woot woot finally got his hands on some motherfucking weed on this motherfucking ship. And he is going to smoke the hell out of it.]

Yeah, yeah, I'll deal with it. [He'll blow it off like it's nothing but it means a hell of a lot to him Jenna you don't even know.] But I gotta say I'm liking the 'Give Simon weed and the occasional beer' instincts so much better, yanno?

[You might have to remind him to toss the lighter back when you want another smoke, Rey. He'll totally forget to pass it around.]
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[Yeah, she'll get it back when she needs it. For the time being, Rey just kind of hangs out where she's at, listening to the two talk. She isn't much of one for the social scene, and much prefers observing, anyway. Gives her a chance to size people up, figure out how they're supposed to work. Even now, there's something about them that she doesn't quite understand. It's frustrating.

[Watching, she attempts a smoke ring then, and fails. Still got a long way to go, this one does.]
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[Despite the fact that AM looks to be in his 40s, drugs are something he has never actually tried. To be frank, part of him is afraid of losing control of himself due to the fickleness of this form.

But part of him is so curious to experience one of the human form's pleasures, which is apparently smoking cannabis. Of course he knows the chemical composition, just how it affects the brain and why it causes pleasure, but he has nothing better to do.

Every new experience is an education.

So, he stands by Rey sitting on the stash of marijuana, staring down at her.]


I understand you have procured some marijuana?
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[She's tried to imitate what the Dutchman did before he went and grumped off, and she's got some ready for the taking already.]

Here. [She hands him some -- and, a lighter as well.]

May I ask what made you interested?

[For reasons that are purely innocent, of course.]
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[He takes the lighter and the blunt, examining them briefly. It's hastily rolled, and it could be cut with any number of things. He's somewhat hesitant, but does his best to conceal it.

Before he lights up, he looks back at the woman and gives a somewhat crooked smirk in response.]

Everyone needs to unwind now and then, don't you agree?
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I suppose. Some might feel differently.

[She doesn't quite understand the social stigma against this kind of thing, or the kinds of health hazards that it poses against the human body. But Rey isn't human, is she?]
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[Of course he's not going to mention that he's never tried any of it before. With a brief hesitation, he brings the blunt to his mouth, lighting the tip as he inhales.

And his throat felt like it was on fire. Hot smoke was assaulting his trachea, and he had never experienced this before. His eyes grew wide with the shock and the pain, wanting to sputter and cough up everything he just took in. Or drink water. Something.

He attempted to resist looking like too much of a fool by turning his head to the side and coughing mildly. When he spoke, it had a somewhat hoarse quality now.]

Excuse me. It's been quite a long time since I've done this.

[He waited another moment before taking another drag. Okay, it was better this time. His throat had been expecting it.]
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[It's okay, even if he does ever admit it, Rey can't say that she's got a load of experience with this kind of thing, either. Killing has only ever been the one thing she's good at, and that isn't something that she's put to practice here. That, she's been told, would have been bad. Maybe complicated things, and she doesn't like complications.

[She just watches him as he coughs, and instinctively hands over something else -- a bottle of water that she's kept nearby. She hasn't drank any, herself, but she's seen that others might need it from time to time, in incidents just like now.]

Here. This should help.
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[Likewise, anything involving inflicting violence on others was something AM was experienced in, but did very little of it on this ship, preferring to keep a low profile until he could figure things out.

He takes the bottle of water and takes a long sip, feeling the urge to sputter it up as a wave of coughs threatens to take hold again. However, he manages to stifle it and painfully swallow the water as it somewhat soothes the burning of his throat.]

Thank you.

[He attempts to give some semblance of a polite smile toward the woman, finding himself somewhat curious now.]

What is your name?
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You're welcome.

[She says it like it's some kind of automated response rather than a courteous one. Routine and regulation, something that has to be said rather than there being any meaning behind it. She only sits there, hands over her lap, looking up at him or through him. Hard to say.]

It's Rey. [Just that. No last name or anything that she can remember. Not even her toe tag at the morgue had indicated anything more.] What's yours?
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[Of course he notices her seeming lack of enthusiasm, a seemingly flat affect. For having brought on this rowdy party of drugs, she seems distant. Interesting.

He takes another drag of the blunt, as he's beginning to tolerate it, curious to experience "getting high."]


[A pause.]

You throw a party and yet you end up sitting here.
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[It takes a lot for the drugs to start taking effect. She isn't sure if she can even feel a buzz yet, even after helping herself to quite a few drags. Her body seems to have a natural resistance to most substances. Alcohol being one of them. Drugs are different, though. This is just taking awhile.]

I wasn't aware that it meant I was expected to participate. The others seem to be enjoying themselves, and that's fine by me.
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I was under the impression that it was some sort of human protocol that the one who throws the party is expected to participate.

[He leans against the wall, not feeling any effect from the drugs either at the moment. He keeps taking hits expecting something to happen, but all that came of it so far was having his lungs assaulted.]
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[Rey remembers then, what Natalie has told her in recent events. And how much more sense it makes, as opposed to anything else. She blinks slowly and responds in earnest:]

If I were human, that may be the case. [However, it isn't. She believes what Natalie said.]

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