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[ audio ] of guilt and memory wiping

In light of recent events upon the outpost it's clear that there are a number of us who are suffering the after-effects of torture. You all have my utmost sympathies - I have witnessed such things before and I will offer the same services here that I gave to my dear friend when he was put under a similar duress.

[ A duress that Durham himself instigated, yes, but that's another matter entirely. Or so Durham tells himself. ]

Whilst those who have been subjected to a torture most terrible are undoubtedly brave, it would not be thought of an act of cowardice to wish to rid oneself of the memory of such a trauma. Torture does not end just because one has been released from the cell; there are the lingering effects of anxious melancholies, exhausted spirits, weakened nerves... to say nothing of restless sleep.

You need not bear these memories as a millstone and for those that wish it I will gladly relieve you of such a burdensome weight. You may find me in my cabin - the eighth room upon the eighth passenger deck. Ask for Thomas Sutton - [ A thoughtful pause, then he adds: ] - or perhaps it would do better if you were to ask for Durham. Either way, I shall endeavour to do my utmost to help those that are prepared to ask for it.

[ Another pause, longer this time, and then Durham picks up again. This time his voice is harder, cooler; this is a matter of business, rather than a favour. ]

And while I am here I may as well announce this too - Oxford. Your Durham has disembarked. In light of this I propose a parlé. I would request that we meet un-armed but as both of us possess weapons that are not so easily cast aside, might I simply ask that it be under a white flag of truce? I do not know how many of your fellows remain on board but I suppose they may attend as well.

( OOC : Durham is essentially offering a bit of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Hit me up HERE if you have any questions! )
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[She remembers what it's like, waking up without them. Her mind scraped of all the things that defined her. She remembers the anger she's left with, the frustration and the hate. Thrown out to the hungry dogs, wrestling over milkbones. Wandering for so long with those bits of scraps that are clean from her head.

[What memories she has, that are gained, are hardly pleasant. Torture, trauma. The wolves tearing meat and flesh apart. Cities laid to waste. A boy crying with his eyes nearly torn out, prying his dead father's corpse off of him as he's seconds away from burning alive. None of these are nice things. All of them scream to her in sleep and dreams. She remembers them now, like small pages ripped out of a book. A certain memory comes to her sometimes. She's putting a bullet through the temple of a sniper, who she had been hunting for weeks in the treacherous storms of Russia. So cold...

[Her name was "Isobel!"]


[That's all she has to say about that. About memories, and what people do with them. About Strela, and its lovely cure to the human condition. About everyone who has even considered this offer, and then some.]
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